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Tadlock Water Solutions is here to serve you. We offer a range of maintenance and service programs for all your water purification and softening systems. For more information Contact Us. 

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Reverse Osmosis Maintenance 


To protect your investment and get optimum performance from your reverse osmosis system we recommend the filters be changed every 6 months. Proper maintenance on your RO system will ensure quality drinking water and the longevity of your system. 


Our 6 Month R.O. Maintenance Program includes:


  • Replace all filters

  • Sanitize the filter housing

  • Inspect the filter housing

  • Inspect 0-rings in filter housings

  • Check the PSI in the tank

  • Check all connections and lines

  • Test the quality of your water (TDS)


Maintenance schedule can be customized based on customer usage. 




System Service


We will be happy to look at any make and model reverse osmosis system or water softener. After professional evaluation we will come up with a plan to get your system up and working properly again. We guarantee our assessment will be fair and honest. 


Tadlock Water can service anything from existing equipment to replacing:


  • Membranes

  • Post filter

  • R.O. pumps

  • Tanks

  • Filters

  • Special order items

  • Brine tank clean out

  • Rebedding water softener tank

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Salt Delivery


To guarantee soft water, salt pellets are added to your water softerner every 2 or 3 months; depending on your household water useage. Tadlock Water offers a salt delivery program to make the maintenace as carefree as possible so you can enjoy all the beneifts of your water softener.  


Salt Delivery Includes:


  • Add new salt

  • Run system through regeneration cycle

  • Check the time on the Clack Digital Valve 

  • Inspect water softerner tank

  • Test water with hardness kit

  • No delivery charge 



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