Countertop Cooler


The Nexus CT completes the Nexus family of coolers by bringing you a counter top cooler that actually looks like it belongs on the counter with your other appliances. It incorporates all of the same patent pending features of the Nexus FS line but in a compact design that fits under most cabinets and even has room inside for a filter!

Standing Cooler


The Nexus floor standing cooler is stylish and contemporary appliance design. It's elevated height and dispensing area make it convenient and easy to fill large and small containers alike. All models come with lighted spout, hot and cold indicator lights, fast flow dispensing, safety lock function, Accu-Temp and Stay-Cool technologies. Features available on our upgraded models include i-Boil and SIP® Enhanced santization, and built-in cup dispenser. The filtration unit comes equipped with our dependable, dual mechanical float and integrated lid. 


Available in black. Hot and Cold point of Use with i-Boil and SIP® 

Point of Use Coolers

Point of use coolers are a great addition for your home or office to provide hot or cold purified water at the touch of a button. The coolers are directly attached to your reverse osmosis system to provide an unlimited amount of purified drinking water. 

Our System 


Sales    -    Monthly Service (Rental), includes maintenace program   -     Residential and commercial

Point of Use Coolers

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